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WARNING: If swear words offend you, click out of this post. If your ears begin to burn at the utterance of the occasional “f” bomb, click out of this post. If you do not have a sense of humor that could ever (and we mean Taylor style, as in ever, ever, ever) revolve around the creative use of swear words, click out of this post. We make no apologies for sharing hilarious content that just happens to contain a half-dozen or so swear words.


If we haven’t scared you off yet: Welcome back to the inner rung of fabulous, esteemed members of the Happy High Heel Friday Crazy Tribe! Welcome back, indeed. We are happy you are here today to partake in this incredibly momentous occasion, otherwise known as “Nationwide Paralegal Meditation in its finest (slightly profanity-filled) moment.” This is, quite possible, one of the most wickedly hilarious, yet highly therapeutic things I have EVER come across in my entire life as a paralegal, people. I tell no lies. I could listen to it: Every. Single. Day. (And Twice on Monday mornings.) After you listen to it, you will know what I mean.

Note: You will need the sound turned on for this, but you PROBABLY don’t want to have this blaring through the law firm speakers, if you know what I’m sayin’. Furthermore, this is a link hosted on Youtube, so in the event you are unable to surf it from where you are currently seated, do be sure to circle back on that smart phone or home PC later. Maybe from your car on a lunch break. It will be totally and completely worth it. We triple-dang-paralegal-promise you.

Well, what are you waiting on? Your highly relaxing, therapeutic, profanity-filled meditation awaits. And we know you desperately NEED it. Ready…go!

(Bowing in deep respect and giving full credit to Jason Headley for this incredibly awesome video.)


Funniest. Video. Ever! We’re pretty darn certain of it. Whatcha think, paralegals? Are you falling out of your chair over there? Feeling all calm and in control? Hit that comment button and confess. Cue it up every night at 9:00 p.m. Start the work day off right. 

If you got a kick out of it, go shout it on the mountain. Share it with all of the peeps you know in desperate need of this free, on-screen therapy and a few laughs, compliments of the (in)sanity department. 

We’ll see you next time, TPS Nation! Until then, keep it real…