What is The Paralegal Society™ you ask? Think of it as a social conduit of information created for all paralegals. Whether you are new to the field or a savvy and experienced paralegal, you are welcome here. In fact, we created this blog just for you. You can find interesting articles, glean helpful information and career tips, ask questions and seek advice from our team of experienced paralegal mentors who will provide assistance, guidance and support.

Our mission at The Paralegal Society™ is to orchestrate a much needed change in the social aspects of education, mentorship and camaredarie for paralegals throughout the country. Heck, we like to think of it as a full blown movement. For us, it is a worthy endeavor and one we hope will perpetuate positive change for the paralegal profession. We are ready to give back. We have a strong desire to assist our fellow paralegals in the quest for excellence.

Again, we welcome you. Please peruse the array of articles and postings we have compiled for you and don’t hesitate to let us know if there is a particular topic or endeavor for which we can provide helpful information or assistance. Enjoy and welcome to the society!

Jamie Collins, Founder

p.s. If you like our blog ~ please be sure to tell your paralegal friends about it!  You can also follow us on Twitter @TPSparalegals.

6 thoughts on “MISSION STATEMENT”

  1. I like this website and humor in the mission statement.

  2. Thanks for stopping by to share a comment, Lisa! We look forward to seeing you “around!” (If we didn’t laugh…there would be a lot of news stories regarding paralegal self-implosions occurring in law firms everwhere! That’s our theory, anyway. :))

  3. Veronique Cherry said:

    I just found this site. Thank Heavens I did!!!!

  4. I am the COTA for Evie W PR Coordinator. Evie is in need of a kidney transplant and a paralegal that is in her church congregation was tested and matched to be her donor. I was wondering if you might want to post this inspirational story on your blog. Contact me at teribclark@gmail.com for all the details.

  5. Very happy I found this blog. It’s excellent! Looking forward to following and participating!

  6. grateful I found this site, I think it will be “very” helpful

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