We would love to get to know you better…and so would our fabulous members! Please join us for a chat on our social forum, which is hosted on LinkedIn. Just go to LinkedIn, search under “Groups” for “The Paralegal Society” and send us a request to join! It’s an exclusive group where only “friendly” paralegals are welcome! We promise, if anyone should ever “bully” you in our forum, they will promptly be shown the door! It’s a bully-free zone.

Whether you are a savvy paralegal or are brand new to the profession, you can feel free to share something of interest or engage in our discussions without fear of criticism. After all, that’s precisely why we created The Paralegal Society. It’s a social forum for all paralegals. Let me rephrase that — all “friendly” paralegals!!

We’d love to hear from you.

(We assure you it’s absolutely fascinating and insightful legal talk that takes place around the virtual, TPS water cooler!)

The Paralegal Society is always looking for new topics, rants, quotes and ideas to share and we welcome guest contributors! Please also feel free to send your comments, questions or suggestions to us via the comment bars located at the bottom of our blog pages or contact our Founder, Jamie, via a private e-mail.

Don’t be shy!

40 thoughts on “THE SOCIAL CLUB”

  1. How can I sign up to receive this blog? When I click on subscribe, nothing happens………..Help!

  2. Chere, I think WordPress must have occasional “glitch” moments with its RSS subscriptions, unfortunately. It seems to work 95% of the time, but you are not the first person to encounter an issue with it. You can try to subscribe to the RSS feed (I have a feeling that’s what you tried already) or if you scroll down to the very bottom of our blog, there is an e-mail subcription option also. Most people subscribe to our blog via e-mail and that doesn’t appear to have any issues – so I’d suggest that method!

    Thanks for your continued support of TPS!! It means a lot coming from someone that is so deeply rooted in all that is “paralegal.”

    p.s. We love The Estrin Report! Keep you the great blogging!!
    Be sure to check it out readers:

  3. I love this site! As a paralegal new to LinkedIn, I need all the online support and networking available. Please contact me if you need any help or if you can direct me to where I can join this group. Thanks! -Jess C.

    • Hi Jess, It’s a pleasure to “meet” you! I checked out your “Dreams Awake Poetry” blog. Very nice!

      Just go to LinkedIn and search for “The Paralegal Society” under groups. Send a request to join and our gatekeeper (that’s me) will let you in! Please also feel free to connect with me and the other mentors. We look forward to getting to know you better and welcome your contributions! Can we say paralegal poetry? Just let me know what you have in mind and we’ll work it out!

      • I’d like to join the social club. Does that club involve all parts of law? Or just litigation? And it sounds like linked in is the only way to join?
        thanks. katie

      • It is just a general paralegal group on LinkedIn, where we post all kinds of articles and engage in interesting discussions. We are a closed group, so connect to me on LI and then nudge me by sending me a private message to add you. Trust me, you will want to be on LinkedIn as a paralegal. And our social club is pretty awesome. Join us!

      • I’ve searched on LinkedIn and cannot find this group. Is it still active?

  4. Barbara Adamson said:

    It’s great to be able to talk to paralegals south of the border to see what they are up to and what direction their growth is taking them.

  5. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog posts and I hope to get to know you and all your contributors. I’m a Florida Registered Paralegal with a Wrongful Death/Personal Injury firm in West Palm Beach, FL.

  6. Welcome to The Paralegal Society, Steven! Sound like we’re two birds of a feather (notwithstanding the fact that I’m from Indiana and not the land of beaches), but we certainly have our practice areas in common!! We look forward to seeing you “around” TPS! Please feel free to join our LinkedIn group if you havent already!
    ~ Jamie

  7. You’re doing a great job here at The Paralegal Society. I enjoy the variety of articles, especially the Sketches of Our Society. Everyone has such diverse backgrounds and experience! After a recent upheaval in our office, I was feeling low and uninspired. You’ve motivated me to network with other paralegals and to be responsible for my own sense of self-worth.

  8. Thanks for your nice words, Mary! We’re so glad you’re enjoying the TPS forum. In the past year, I’ve discovered the more I network and help others, the more inspired I am, and the more I feel compelled to do. It’s kind of like paying it forward for yourself! I’ll bet you’ll find the same is true for you.

    Thanks for stopping by to share a comment. I look forward to seeing you “around!”

    ~ Jamie

  9. Lynne Reed said:

    I a few Questions for a school assignment

  10. Cathy Schultz said:

    I just became privy to your publication this morning and can’t stop going through it. An excellent publication – thank you for making it publicly available. I am most disheartened that you only allow paralegals as your articles apply to all people in law, but I sincerely appreciate the fact that it is available for me to read. I think you could use some closer editing, but then, that’s the legal secretary in me. So, if you ever decide you need an extra pair of eyes, send an e-mail – I would be positively delighted.

  11. love the site. thanks for sharing this 🙂

  12. Andrea Price said:

    This site is very helpful

  13. These are so on point. Love to read the posts and the post it note one was so me…. hahahaha. I’m totally adding you guys to my blogroll 🙂

    The Paralegal

  14. I “stumbled” upon this site as I needed a break from the Reply to MSJ that I was working on, (how dare defense feel like they “need” to file a MSJ). I have been a paralegal since 1999 and have my BA in paralegal studies. Although I qualify as a “educational paralegal” I have done more than my share of time in the trenches. (cure you transcription machine and micro tapes!!) I have worked in large corporate firms, small town U.S.A firms, and for solo practitioners. Although my concentration has been in litigation, I have worked in family law, probate, real estate, insurance defense, and Trust and Estates. I met one of my dear friends who has been my paralegal “wingman” most of my adult life while working at a large corporate firm. I quickly forwarded the TPS link to her and told her she HAD to read it. She then called me and we laughed and laughed. I went to work the next day happier to now realize that I am a “legal tactical assault ninja…with a smile”. I have since sent articles to my other fellow paralegals and have heard back “I swear she is writing his about me!” among other comments. Thank you for having the courage to write the blog and share the ups and downs of the paralegal world.


    Your fellow “legal tactical assault ninja…with a smile”

  15. Camille Gordon-Johnson said:

    Hello All

    I am a paralegal who just stumbled on this site. I love it. Please advise as to how I can join the society. I am on linked in

    Thank You

  16. Just wanted to say “hi” and Merry Christmas! You guys do a wonderful job!

  17. Hi! I just tried to find the LinkedIn “The Paralegal Society”, and I can’t seem to find it! I find your personal page, but not the page… is it still up and running?

  18. There are no words to express my esteem for the legal community.
    Honor to be here.

  19. Great blog! I look forward to contributing more in the future! My paralegal background includes entity management, corporate governance and licensing. My job was recently eliminated from United Technology, where I was working as an International Trade Compliance paralegal.

  20. I’m so happy I’ve come across this blog!

  21. Thank you for the invitation! I’ll check it out!

  22. Lindsay Zizelman said:

    I searched “The Paralegal Society” on LinkedIn and did not find it?

  23. Miguel Roque said:

    HI I am going to college for Paralegal studies again I used to be in school but left any tips or ideas to get me started anybody ?



  25. Hi, I’m just finished paralegal schooling. I’m very new to the field and trying to find my place and obtain a job as a paralegal! If anyone has any advice that could be helpful as I start my new journey?

  26. The Minx said:

    Hey there. I am a new paralegal in the state of Florida and moved here from NY. Its been a struggle to get help and was hoping that I could get some questions answered. Unfortuantely, the person I work with is not helpful at all and very condisending. In additon, they make you feel like you have no idea what you are doing.

    • Hi Minx, I used to work in the Tampa Bay area, maybe the fit isn’t right at the firm you are with. Are you still there or did you move on? I know I worked at a couple firms down there that were very “clicky” and I was very uncomfortable.

  27. Wow how exciting!!! I’m extremely new to the paralegal world! I’m actually just starting my journey. In school for my AA now. Am I still able to join and get support?

  28. I am a 39 year old woman looking to change careers. I have an interest in law, but not necessarily a passion. I am very interested in investigation, and solving the puzzle of who, why, and how. I have great reading, writing, poof reading, grammer, and organizational skills. I’m am very perceptive, and people trust me. I have always wanted to be a novelist, and a private investigator. I figured a paralegal would be a good fit for me because of all of the above reasons. I do not have the time or money to get a bachelor’s degree, so it will have to be an associate’s. Am I too old to start this, and should I give it a shot or not?

  29. Diane Duke said:

    I don’t know how you do it. I’m extremely new (finished my post baccalaureate certificate yesterday) with the added weight of starting my new career in my 60’s. I’ve been on your site for about an hour and already you’ve quashed some ridiculous expectations and naive beliefs, all while giving me the best advice and tips I’ve had since I first began considering this path. Thank you! My next visit is to LinkedIn to ask to join the Social Club. I think I may appreciate the hand-holding even more than the younger newbies…can’t wait to keep going!

  30. I am currently looking to make a career change and become a Paralegal. I have a Bachelors Degree and need to know how to pursue a certification as a Paralegal that will get me recognized by employers. What is the best/fastest/most credible way to go about this in your opinion? I have looked at post baccalaureate paralegal certificates and it seems to be the way I need to go. However, I am a mom and a wife and need a program that I can complete while working. Are there any online certificates that are actually credible? I appreciate any advice you can provide.

    • Brittany, I’m not entirely sure whether you are looking for advice on choosing a paralegal program or you are interested in taking a national certification exam. If you are looking for a paralegal program, I would contact the paralegal association where you live – either a local association or statewide – and ask their opinion. Personally, I would encourage you to find an ABA-approved program. Here’s a link to the ABA Standing Committee on Paralegal Education and should answer all your questions: There is information about online programs there as well. I got my paralegal education as a new mom and while working full time. Sounds like you’re on the right track!

  31. Duncan Bradley said:

    Hello everyone and it’s a pleasure to meet everyone here! I’m hoping this blog can help me make some connections to begin my legal career since Covid-19 really ground my plans to a halt and I seemingly just cannot get hired by any law firm. Hope everyone here is doing alright. I graduated last May and I absolutely loved my classes, and interning with the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office.

    • Hi Duncan. Welcome!! Where do you live? That may help others to identify any positions. That said, it’s definitely a weird time for all. I wish you luck on your job search!

  32. just stopping by from the UK to wave a big hello!!

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