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By: Jamie Collins

Greetings, Paralegal Nation! I’m here to shake things up and change your life with a simple suggestion today. Yep, you are one push of an Amazon button away from reading one heck of an amazing book and learning how to shine the most authentic, best, highest version of yourself out into the world. Sounds pretty cool, right? That’s because it is. Keep reading! 


I’ve been a client of my hair stylist, Travis, for about a year now. He and I often chit chat, bantering back and forth about the ins and outs of life, while he takes my long locks from the overgrown forest to the magical one, making me red-carpet ready, uh, you know, in the event I actually owned a red carpet. Our visit several months ago was no exception. He washed, he cut, I watched, we laughed, we talked. It was just surface level conversation, really, about the upcoming holidays, our plans, vacations, and the like.

Toward the end of my magical evolution at the hands of a hair god, I asked Travis a simple question: “Hey, do you ever read inspiring business books?” (It bears mentioning that Travis owns the salon. Leadership is a part of his daily life. That much, I knew.) Upon hearing my question, Travis immediately lit up. And I mean lit up. He transformed into a scissor-wielding-Griswald-version-beacon-of-light, suddenly high on the topic of inspiring business books. He and I had found our common ground. The conversation shifted. It became more serious. There was more passion and purpose in our words. Travis told me some of the issues he faced with the management of his salon. He even told me a bit about his background as a leader and about some of the changes he had made in his leadership style over the years. For the first time in about a dozen visits over the course of a year, Travis and I were talking, and I mean really talking. The kind of talking where you’re really getting down to it. The kind of talk that matters. That kind that helps people to evolve.

Before departing that day, I told Magic Scissors he needed to read that book I told him about. I even wrote down the title and author on a Post-It note. While paying for my haircut (let’s not talk anymore about the payment part; whew, always painful), I turned to him, laughingly, and said, “Well, if you can’t tell me what your ‘type’ is by my next visit, I get a discount on my next hair cut!” We both laughed. (And he damn well better read that book in the next 6 weeks or he owes me a steep discount.)

After that exchange, I realized I didn’t just need to share the best business book I ever read with Travis. I needed to share it with everyone I know! And especially all my loyal followers and favorite peeps here at The Paralegal Society. So, today, I’m here to tell you about this remarkable book, just because I want to pay it forward. I’m here to tell you why I loved it, what I got out of the book, and why I feel good about publicly proclaiming that it is: The. Best. Business. Book. Ever. (Because it is.)

What is the name of the book?  

How The World Sees You, By: Sally Hogshead

Where can you buy it?

Amazon – by clicking here.

Why do I like this book?

Because it was SO much more than just a business book. It comes with a personal inventory (questionnaire) that helps Sally to determine what your archeotype is of the 46 types. I know you don’t know what I mean when I say “archeotype,” but after you read the book, you will.  Your archeotype is based upon your personality and the inherent traits and strengths you use (and hopefully, leverage), as well as your inherent deficits and weaknesses (you hopefully, minimize), when communicating with the world. And I mean the way Y-O-U communicate. Not me. Not Sally. Not that crazy ass coworker in the cubicle down the hall. Not your hangry boss bearing legal briefs. But YOU!

Once you determine what your archeotype is, it gives you a far clearer picture of the best way for you to communicate with the world, ways to draw upon your own strengths, and how to downplay and/or avoid your weaknesses, in order to present your best self to the world.  And who wouldn’t want to know how to do that?

This book will teach you things you’ve sensed or known to be true all your life, but never given much thought to. I am a creative person. I am a passionate person. I love to write. I absolutely loathe algebra. And I mean loathe it. You want to frustrate me terribly? Give me a complex problem with only one possible way to solve it (you know, like an algebraic equation senior year of college), and please, for the love of all that is annoying, a pencil, so I can stab myself in the eye with it, rather than working the problem. Because that sounds FAR more appealing. The thing is, I always hated algebra. Always. And I always loved to write. Always. But you know what? That is common for my archeotype. It’s pretty much to be expected. My strengths lie far, far, far (like, running really freaking far from an esquire) away from algebraic equations.

What is my archeotype? (This will give you a better idea of what you will learn from the book.)

I am the Connoisseur. My two most dominant personality traits are: Prestige and passion. I communicate best with the world when I used those traits in some combination. What is a Connoisseur, anyway? (Um, there is no wine involved, unfortunately. But stick with me here, people.) Here’s the description:

Insightful: They communicate their ideas with clarity and conviction. You’ll find that they quickly obtain buy in from their audience – whether they’re “selling” their idea for a new project in a board meeting or launching a new loyalty program at a huge dealer conference. They’re confident, articulate, and sharp.

Distinguished: They know how to choose the right style, approach, and words appropriate for each situation. They encourage a nervous interviewee. They are strict with a naughty child. They strike the right tone when lobbying the governor. They’re good communicators who meticulously prepare meetings.

In the know: They keep themselves informed on the latest industry trends, new business practices, and relevant news. You may find that they are sought-after speakers in their specialist area. A conference audience appreciates their expertise and vivid presentation style.

Admired: They’re respected for their knowledge, and they are highly valued for their sophistication. They prefer to excel in a limited number of things rather than spread themselves too thinly. They are competitive spirits who continuously strive to meet higher goals. They want to get better at what they do. They set high expectations.

Well-groomed: Their emotional intelligence makes them fascinating. You’ll find them at the center of attention at cocktail parties commenting on the latest news. At networking events and office parties, people naturally gravitate to them to listen to their opinions. Knowledgeable and passionate, they are good conversationalists.

(We’ll leave it to the peanut gallery as to whether you find any of that to be accurate about me.)

But this is but a glimmer of the insight you will glean about yourself, and your own personality and leadership traits from the book. I cannot recommend it highly enough. The entire book pretty much reads like a customized guidebook of epic advice tailored to you, specifically, once you know your archeotype.

So what is little old me getting out of promoting this book?

What is….absolutely nothing! Well, aside from the pleasure of paying it forward and helping in some small part to reward this author for her amazing work. (I mean if Sally Hogshead just so happens to land her private jet on a tarmac in Indianapolis and wants to take me to lunch at The Capital Grille and mall of designer handbags, I do have red carpet ready hair—thanks to Travis with the magic scissors—and I am so down. Ha ha. I’m totally kidding. Unless, she’s buying. Then count me in.)

What should you do today?

Order the book. Take the test. Determine your archeotype. Learn and grow. Leverage what your momma gave ya.

C-h-a-n-g-e  the  w-o-r-l-d.

Yep. That.

Totally all of that. Every single bit of it.

Let’s fascinate the world together. Let’s lead. Let’s do big things. Let’s project the highest and best version of ourselves out in to the world today. Let’s aspire to more.

You and me.

I’ll see you on the tarmac, people. Be sure to bring the wine…


If you enjoyed today’s post, share it! Have you already read How The World Sees You? Post a comment to tell us what archeotype you are. If you haven’t read the book, let’s rectify that. Go click the button and change the way the world sees you! Invest in yourself. No one else is going to, if you don’t.

We’ll see you next time, TPSers! Until then, take the world by storm.