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How long has it been since we put up a Friday “Fun Day” post? Too darn long, said every paralegal, everywhere. We hear ya. Today, in honor of that coveted paralegal holiday known as “Happy High Heel Friday Eve”…or, er, just “Thursday” to all of the normal people out there (Read: non-paralegal peeps), we’re putting up a fun one. When a friend forwarded me this video a few months back, I seriously watched the thing at least 20 times in 2 days. I tell no lies. Probably more.


When I say “video,” no worries—the thing is only 19 seconds long. Yes, there is music. Yes, you will need to turn your speakers down a bit, but don’t mute them. For those of you with those corporate policies that preclude you from surfing YouTube (even in the name of paralegal sanity, so you can continue to honor the unspoken paralegal mantra of “just don’t kill anyone today”), do yourself a favor and immediately forward this post to your phone for lunch break perusal. That means right now. You’ll be glad you did.

The clip is entitled Chattin’ With a Guy at The Club When His Favorite Song Comes On. But I prefer to think it more accurately labeled as the best portrayal of What a Paralegal Looks Like When She/He Realizes That It’s Happy High Heel Friday Eve! Woot Woot. Yep. True story. (Let’s just pretend that bird on the left is either someone who doesn’t work in legal…or an attorney with a deadline—your choice.)

Now go watch the clip.
(And you’re welcome in advance, peeps.)

If you watch it more than once, do confess.
Better yet, forward this post to your friends, or share it.
We love it when you do!


Credit to Occupy Bacon for this hilarious video.


Here’s to wishing you a Happy High Heel Friday! Best of luck navigating the “house of [legal] pain” today. Go get ‘em…