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Greetings, TPS readers!

Welcome back to the paralegal playground! Today I wanted to share an announcement with all of my loyal readers. As many of you know, I founded The Paralegal Society about 3 years ago. We’ve definitely grown in that time. And I’ve certainly grown as a writer, too. And this leads me (and you) to the announcement part of today’s post.

About a month ago, I decided to launch a new blog called, “The Bloggingtown Post.” I created this spiffy, new, far more personal blog to give myself more freedom and liberty in my writing. There were many times I found myself dying (yes, dying) to write about a particular topic that just didn’t fit well into the legal, inspirational or legal-humor genres in which I write. In short, I had some really great writing ideas spinning in my head, but no place to put them.

So if you enjoy my writing and would like to read more of my posts that people often describe as “candid, witty, entertaining, refreshingly honest, hilarious, and inspiring,” subscribe to my new site via e-mail. Just visit The Bloggingtown Post, scroll down to the very bottom of the site, and enter your e-mail address into the box. You’ll then begin to receive all of my future posts by e-mail. No spam – just high-quality posts written by me on a variety of topics. (I triple-paralegal promise you.)

As for the frequency of posts on the new site, it will probably be FAR less often than I post here, maybe once or twice per month. It kind of depends on how much inspired, entirely ridiculous or wickedly hilarious material flows from my interactions with fellow human beings on this planet. That said, once per month seems entirely doable.

Just think of it as taking one big, sanity-elevating step out of the legal genre (and the inherent professionalism associated with it) and into humanity. The things that drive us crazy; make us laugh, cry, and become inspired. That’s the ticket. No set agenda. No rules. No boundaries. Just me (with the self-sensor turned down a few notches) given the freedom to write about anything and everything. I will not be sharing the majority of these posts ANYWHERE except for on The Bloggingtown Post and possibly on Facebook, so if you want to read the stuff – you’ll have to subscribe!

I hope you’ll join me on this new venture.

The Bloggingtown Post – Welcome Page:

About Page:

My First Humor Post:
“I See Stupid People.”

My First Inspirational Post:
“(Wo)man vs. Goal – A Lesson in Fortitude”

That should give you a pretty good idea of what to expect from my new site. What do I plan to write about next? I have absolutely NO idea. But it’s going to be a whole lot of fun. I do know that.

I look forward to seeing you at B-town!

I’d like to give a shout out to my friend and fellow TPSer, Eric B., for coming up with the nickname “B-town.” I was leaning toward the abbreviation “TBP,” until he shared that one. (Can you imagine all of the code language we’d be speaking in — TPS and TBP. We’d need a secret decoder ring to make sense of it all.) Now we’re all going to B-town! Much catchier, don’t you think? Don’t answer that – just go subscribe. You don’t want to miss my next random act of writing brilliance.

Cue the writing muse. And exit stage left, people.

It. Is. On.

Kind Regards,