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  • Are you stressed out lately?
  • Have you become a c-r-a-z-y person?
  • Better yet, have you managed the workload of a c-r-a-z-y person?
  • Have you interacted with c-r-a-z-y people?
  • Have you felt successful after simply managing to wade through an 8-hour, paper-filled, esquire-panicked shift in the legal mines, based solely upon the major career accomplishment of “not killing anyone” today?

If you answered YES to any of the important questions listed above then, YOU are a candidate for The Paralegal Games…the ones that “fun” paralegals play.

Rather than basking in the stress that surrounds you within the legal abyss on any given work day, instead – choose to embrace it! Notice it. Smirk while seated at that wooden helm of glory, surrounded by it. Then go mark that crazy shi(f)t down, while playing one of the fun paralegal games featured below.

“The Sky is Falling”

What? The sky is falling?

(You’d really, truly, honestly think so, if you ever interacted with an utterly panicked esquire while attempting to read minds, avert a crisis, drink a Diet Coke, and perform miracles – simultaneously. I am not joking.)

I came up with this one on my own. Rather than allowing a stressed out attorney or dark cloud a/k/a evil coworker a/k/a keeper of the misery to suck your soul with each and every phone call, question or request that makes its way to you via telepathy, telephone call (ring, ring), e-mail (chime, chime), question (can I ask you something???) or text message (OMG – my personal phone is blowing up, too…), instead, turn it into a fun little game. One you’ll play with yourself, and for yourself. Consider it a gift to your personal sanity. It’s a healthy alternative to a full-on, paralegal self-implosion.

Try this instead.

The next time you get the panicked call/e-mail/text/carrier pigeon message/in-person freak out/yell from down the hall/full-on stalking of an innocent paralegal sitting deskside, rather than internalizing that moment of sheer panic and flipping 8 sheets to crazy, pull out a Post-It note (we know you have an abundance of those coveted legal items sitting deskside), write “TSIF” at the top of it – that stands for “The Sky is Falling,” and make a tally mark every-single-freaking-solitary-time the call comes in. Yep, one mark each time. You with here? In the event you should cover the entire front side of a Post-It note, 8×12 sheet of paper…or large poster board, and it begins to seriously resemble one big, blue blob authored by the keeper of the insanity (that’s you) while working a shift at the asylum (that’s your firm), flip that baby over and keep going. Mark your way to sanity. Four marks, then a big slash through the middle for the fifth. Yep, just like that.

Have a fun paralegal in your office? Hold a contest. See who gets the most marks in a given day/week/month/hour/single waking second of the day.

Turn what was formerly crazy into F-U-N. Or self-implode. Your choice.

“LEGAL Bingo”

I’d like to give a shout-out to my fabulous intern, Rob, for helping me, the fearless founder, to prepare the ultra cool Legal Bingo board featured in the image below. Yep, LEGAL. That’s a true paralegal’s version of your grandma’s favorite game – the one where you mark things and jump up out of your chair, yelling like a crazy person who just won a Godiva chocolate bar or an all-inclusive beach vacation. (You’ll fit right in.) Print off that Legal Bingo board and start playing coverall LEGAL today, folks! Play it alone. Play it with a friend. Play it with the entire office staff. Set a jackpot consisting of a Diet Coke or beverage of the winner’s choice from Starbucks. See who hits the LEGAL coverall first. With every ‘X’ you write down on that board, your sanity will be slightly redeemed. (I said “slightly,” people. Only attorneys expect miracles…)

Ready go!


These games for *fun* Paralegals are brought to you by the insanely interesting folks at The Paralegal Society, who work hard (oh so hard) to infuse a bit of wit, humor, and sanity into your legal work world. Enjoy!

(And you’re welcome.) (Now grab your pen and get to work!)