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We’re here today with a very important public service announcement for all of the incredibly ambitious paralegal souls working within the legal sector. We are about to show you a sanity-saving maneuver that could one day save your life. It’s that serious.

To set the scene – imagine it is 5:29 p.m. during a typical work day in the office for the paralegal featured in the video below.

Is that an attorney’s footsteps she hears?

Watch this short, 6 second video:


Got that? Stop, listen, and drop it low, paralegals. Stilettos and all.

If you feel method one shown above is a bit too dramatic, well, feel free to scale it down a notch and utilize the equally effective maneuver set forth in video number two below.

Video number two:

You got that one? It’s stop, slither, slide, and land.

I am laughing hysterically over here.

How about you? (Don’t answer that). Just try to contain yourself. Seriously, pull it together.

Did you already watch the videos more than once? We did, too. Feel free to play them at your leisure, perhaps daily, to serve as a reminder of what to do in the event you ever find yourself in a critical situation like this in the future. It could save your sanity.  And your life.

If you enjoyed today’s public service announcement – please share it. Widely. Proudly. In honor of the 5:30 fallen.

Let’s chalk this one up to a lunch break well-spent among colleagues, people.


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