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Greetings, TPS readers!

Today, we’re pleased to announce The Paralegal Society’s second official writing contest! In case there was any doubt, we’re rolling out this contest just for you! (Yes, you – the one sitting there sipping that cup of coffee or ice cold Diet Coke, in a state of denial, awaiting that next boarding call for the runaway railroad, as you read these words). Yep – you!

This contest is directed to all of our readers – and we mean all of them: experienced paralegals, aspiring paralegals, students, bloggers, writers, educators, editors, interns, newbies, legal minded peeps, litigation support professionals, law clerks, attorneys, judges (okay, that one was a joke…unless a judge is writing, in which case we’re as serious as a paralegal bound for an all-inclusive vacation to Hawaii with a departure in ten minutes.)

What’s the topic? We thought you’d never ask!

The topic is your choice of either “Envy” or “The Brick Wall.” We are intentionally offering up two really broad category choices to leave our fabulous writers (that’s you) a lot of room for interpretation. We didn’t want to assign a topic that would lend itself to receiving multiple pieces written in the same lane. Approach the topic any way you wish to. It’s your world. This is an opportunity for you to step up to the TPS plate and submit an article. Heck, you never know – you might even win!

How will this work? We will read all entries we receive and select the Top 3 submissions as our “Winners.” Those pieces will be announced (and our winners featured) on The Paralegal Society blog! In the same style as a Miss. America pageant, we’ll run third place first, then second place, and finally, we’ll announce the big winner! In the event we receive other interesting pieces we just can’t resist sharing, we may run them as honorable mentions.

While there is no compensation associated with this particular writing gig, there is semi-fame! Our blog sees well over 12,000 hits per month, so legal minds from all across the country (and beyond) will definitely see your article. Your name in TPS lights – just imagine it! Heck, people may even ask you for autographs – who are we to stop them? You interested? Fantastic!

Here’s our writing criteria:

  • 500-1,800 words
  • 12 pt. Times New Roman font
  • No footnotes, clip art or emoticons
  • Block paragraphs – not indented
  • Keep use of dashes, parenthesis, bold and italics (outside of titles) to a minimum
  • One space after a period, even if it kills you

Your Bio: Be sure to include your brief bio below your article on a separate page (all by its lonesome), along with any links you would like us to include if you are chosen as a winner or featured as an honorable mention. Please do not put your name anywhere on the first page of your submission. This will allow us to read each piece without any preconceived notions based upon the writer’s identity, in the event we know you personally. By the time we get to your bio page, we’ll have already judged your piece.

Submit to: Send your submissions to: theparalegalsociety@gmail.com and put “TPS Writing Contest” in the subject line.

Deadline: May 26, 2014 (midnight, Central Standard Time)

The Prize: The Top 3 “winners” of our contest will receive a formal certificate and a small token of our appreciation, in addition to full bragging rights!

We can’t wait to read your interesting, creative, inspirational, and thought provoking articles! Feel free to think outside the box, TPS readers. Approach this topic any way you wish. The best writing style to use is your own. Remember, The Paralegal Society is your blog…and this is your writing contest! Show us what you’ve got.

Now go jot down some ideas and get to it. Write that winning submission!!!