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By: Bill Kinnard

Reprinted with permission from Grandy & Associates: www.grandyassociates.com

We had you at the title – didn’t we? Today we’re welcoming the Founder’s cousin, Bill, back to the TPS stage. While he does not work in the land of legal, Bill is here to share a candid story regarding a recent moment of desperation and personal panic he experienced. Not like we can all relate to an immediate onset of desperation or personal panic in our neck of the legal woods. Nope. Not us. Not today.

But maybe tomorrow, so let’s read this post!

I do a lot of presentations. In fact, it’s not uncommon for me to do several in a week. I enjoy it. I thrive on it. I actually get energized by doing these presentations. I pride myself in delivering quality content that will challenge my audiences. For many presentations, I have a PowerPoint presentation I use to help make my point or tell a story. Last week however, was different.

I travelled midweek to my destination only to find that I left my power supply for my computer in my office – a half a country away. It was already too late to run out to find a store to buy a replacement. In less than 10 hours, I would have to be standing in front of another group of contractors kicking off a three day series of full day presentations that were designed around a PowerPoint presentation and I now had only a few hours of battery power.

Think Bill, think! How do I land on my feet with this one?

Then it hit me. Part of the content I was teaching was how to use a new iPad app. To accomplish this, I had all the hardware to enable me to show my iPad screen on the computer image projector. I had also been playing around with an app that would allow me to properly display my PowerPoint presentations on my iPad. This was the time to put it to the real test. I spent the next two hours learning the new app and got my presentation ready to go for the next day.

As I presented the next three days with nothing but my iPad, I found that I loved the freedom that it gave me. I could move around even more than I typically do, which allowed me to engage the class even more than I usually do. The process worked so well, I have since converted even more of my presentations over to the new format.

Now, anyone who has ever worked with me knows that one of the things I hate most is the thought process of “we’ve always done it that way.” Yet, even as I created my new content, I found I had fallen into this same trap. There was nothing wrong with the way I presented before. The equipment was reliable and worked well. The quality was good and I could get into a groove with it. But there was a better way. The presentations I can do with the new equipment will be even better.

Sometimes, it takes a moment of desperation to force us out of our comfort zone to find a better way. Don’t get caught in the trap of “it’s good enough”. Force yourself to look for ways to do things better. You, your attorneys and your clients will be better for it.

I am confident that I am not the only one who has put themselves in a predicament only to find a better mousetrap. Tell us about a time when you were in this same position and how you came out of it better. I can’t wait to hear about it.


So the next time you find yourself in a moment of desperation, see if you can find an innovative way to shake things up a bit. You never know if it might lead you to the next best thing. 

Now go charge through those gates of glory and into those piles of papers, TPS readers! Perhaps you’ll find a new way to do the “caffeinated paralegal shuffle” over the next 5 days! We’ll see you later this week.

p.s. Book Club members – time’s a ticking. We’re at t-minus 2 days until our first discussion! Read, read, read.