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By: Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker, Connie Podesta

Reprinted with permission from Connie Podesta Speaks, LLC: www.conniepodesta.com

I follow the lovely and talented Connie Podesta on LinkedIn. The day I came across this fabulous post on leadership on her website, I knew I absolutely, unequivocally HAD to approach her to seek permission to share it with our readers. So I did. And here we all are.

Take a deep breath, take a sip of that fabulous beverage sitting deskside, and allow the words contained within today’s post to roll over you. Heck, better yet, absorb them; each and every one of them. It could change – everything.

Leadership Perceptions De-Bunked

Bottom line? YOU ARE A LEADER. All the time. Whether you’re at work or at home. Employed or stay at home parent. Paid job or volunteer. Willing or unwilling. Honestly? It doesn’t make any difference what you do or choose not do. Even if you THINK you are a follower and always avoid center stage, you can’t escape the fact that you are ALWAYS in the position to influence other people’s thoughts, actions and attitudes. That’s quite a responsibility. We influence others all the time. By what we say and do. How we act and react. What we believe or rail against. When we talk or stay silent. If we open up or keep things to ourselves. Active or passive. Right or wrong. The reality is that the CHOICES we make have an impact on other people all the time.

Leadership means that we are aware of the power we have. And it’s quite a responsibility. And a privilege not to be wasted. Oh – and get this. People have a tendency to pay attention to us – to watch, witness and imitate us – NOT when things are smooth sailing but rather when life is not going exactly the way we had planned.  Oh NO! Unfortunately, our good days and good deeds can go quite unnoticed, but when we are out of sorts. Out of control. Out of ideas. Out of patience. Out of hope.  And totally into ourselves. Oh, that’s when all eyes are on us. Fair? No. True? Yes.

Leadership is the ability to live outside of yourself. To understand how much power you have when it comes to your realm of influence. Does that mean you have to always be happy or positive or in control? No way. But it means you have to acknowledge that your choices affect others. Your attitudes are contagious. Your moods are transferrable. Your ideas are believed. Your presence is felt. Your voice is heard. And when things go bad – as will invariably happen – your awareness of your power to influence affects your choices of how to act and react to whatever life throws your way. We cannot always control what happens to us – but we can change how we react to those people and situations.

Leadership is: an awareness of power. A measure of character. A promise to ourselves and others. A standard by which we can live. And thrive. And share. And change the world for the better.

Here’s a quick video!

Connie Podesta is the author of “Life Would Be Easy if It Weren’t for Other People”—a book that is highly regarded as a must-read for understanding human behavior and how it affects our relationships.  She’s an award-winning motivational sales speaker, organizational therapist, TV/Radio personality, business coach and leading expert in the psychology of human behavior. Her newest book, “Ten Ways to Stand Out From the Crowd,” won the IPPY gold medal for “Best Business Book of the Year.” Audiences love Connie because she is down-to-earth, interactive, funny, and has a fearless energy that is contagious. She is passionate about helping people succeed and can tackle even the toughest of issues with a rare blend of real-life strategies, no-nonsense personality and laugh-out-loud humor. She has inspired millions to do what it takes to increase sales, attract and keep more customers, build longer-lasting, healthier relationships, strengthen leadership skills and become more profitable, happier and successful than they ever thought possible.

Please follow her online today at www.Facebook.com/Connie.Speaks.

This article was reprinted with permission. Copyright2012© Connie Podesta Presents, LLC. All Rights Reserved. (www.conniepodesta.com)


So like it or not…you ARE a leader! Connie Podesta says so.

Wishing you an absolutely fabulous day in the land of legal. We won’t tell your boss you stopped by, if you don’t forget to follow the advice contained in today’s article. A fair trade? We think so.

We’ll see you at the end of the week with a fun post! Until then, get out there and lead.