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By: Shari Turner

There are certain themes that tend to draw the attention of the legally savvy, faithfully pulling exasperating shifts in the paralegal trenches. When we came across this recent post on The Paralegal Society’s “Social Club” a/k/a our super awesome LinkedIn forum, we felt it was far too relatable of a plight not to share it via the TPS presses. See if you can read this post, and not immediately reflect back (we won’t say fondly, but perhaps in a state of total trepidation and sheer terror) to a time when chaos was looming overhead in your corner of the legal universe as the…minutes…went… ticking…by.

Hold the Press!!!

I was reminded the other day how important it is, as a paralegal, to have a great relationship with your printing company.

I had been fighting with a table of authorities in a lengthy brief on a recent Monday. After struggling several hours with trying to unmark and remark cites so that they would willingly “congregate” on my Table of Authorities page, I felt that I had won the battle and went home for the evening. All I needed to do was come in on Tuesday, clean things up, double check pages, have it signed, scanned, and drop it in “DropBox” for our printing company.

Well, as things normally go in the life of a paralegal, Tuesday morning did not go all that smoothly. First, when I checked my e-mail, I had received an email from my friend, Jamie at Copycat (our printer), who was giving me a gentle reminder that he hadn’t received the brief I had told him was coming, and that today was Tuesday, the day the Iowa Supreme Court closes at noon. EEEK! I did the quick math: the brief was 84 pages, we needed 25 copies, printed, bound and filed…and it was just after 8:00 a.m. Time to call the attorney and make sure he was coming in to sign…SOON. Once that was verified, I dove back into the brief, feeling like I was swimming against the current and gasping for air.

The brief looked good. I printed it. The attorney had 4 more changes. Changes made. Brief reprinted. He signs (whew…no more changes! short “thank you, Lord”, prayer). Run to the scanner. Scanner is down! Run across the office to the other scanner! HOLY CRAP, this scanner is down too! Now, sweating profusely, I grab my phone and call Jamie. “JAMIE, HELP!!!! Both of our scanners are down. I’m going to run the brief out to you. Will you still have time to print and file by noon?” Jamie assures me he “doesn’t think it will be a problem.” I tell him I’m on my way! I grab the brief, my car keys and run for the door, all the while thinking, “what does he mean, ‘he doesn’t think it will be a problem????'” I need promises! Do I trust that he can do it? Should I have changed the certificate of service and just mailed it? Should I take the gamble? Too late…I’m going with it.

I arrive at Copycat, completely disheveled. Out of breath and ready to cry at the drop of a paperclip, I run through the door apologizing profusely for this last minute project I am dumping in his lap. He seems amused by this, and what happens next is simply amazing. Jamie hands the brief off to his partner and then proceeds to chat with me and calm me down. This person, who should be angry with the fact that we/I have put him under this deadline, is consoling ME! By the time I left his store, I was laughing and felt completely at ease.

By the way, the brief was, printed, bound, filed, and back on my desk (with a candy bar on top) by 11:30 that morning.

I thought off and on throughout the rest of the day about how many times I have relied on people/vendors outside of our firm to help me. I made a special “note to self” to never forget how important these relationships are, because in the end, we are all on the same team…working toward the same goal. Oh…and to also say “thank you.”

So, thank you, Jamie, Tyler, and the entire rest of the CopyCat team.

Shari Turner
Sullivan & Ward, P.C.


We’ve all been there, haven’t we, TPS readers? Let me count the hours…or is it days? (Ahem, probably more like weeks or months). Don’t answer that! Let’s just pretend we have normal day jobs – the kind that don’t require the perpetual performance of…how shall we put it accurately…legal miracles! All in a day’s work, my friends. We’d love to hear your best “Paralegal vs. Clock” story, if you’re down to share.

Wanna hear the really great news? It’s Friday! Go you — right on out that door to freedom, after pulling one last shift in the exasperating, legal trenches. We’ll see you on Monday!


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