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Connie Podesta

By: Connie Podesta (Guest Blogger)

Welcome to the middle of your work week, TPS readers! Today, we’re thrilled to feature another fantastic article written by award-winning motivational speaker, organizational therapist, TV/Radio personality and business coach, Connie Podesta! She’s here to share some insightful thoughts on leadership. After all…who doesn’t want to be the person others want to follow? Whether it’s a few key members of an office team or a full-on fleet of elite, miracle performing, mind-reading, legal tactical assualt ninjas you’re attempting to lead over a battlefield and into victory, Connie is here to tell you what you need to know to gain influence and empowerment in today’s work world. 

Reprinted with permission from Connie Podesta Speaks, LLC: www.conniepodesta.com

TeamThe Power of Influence and Empowerment

Bottom line? If there was ever a time this world needs great leaders–it is NOW! But let there be no doubt about it, Leadership and helping others succeed? Is a TOUGH job. It’s both a privilege and a life-changing responsibility. As a leader, YOU have a direct impact on other people’s successes (or failures) as a result of: Your Choices. Your intellect. Your creativity. Your power to influence. Your Integrity. And your ability to coach, mentor and teach others what you know. YOU must truly believe that your success as a leader will be measured by YOUR ability to influence and motivate others to WANT to follow your lead.

So the question every leader must ask themselves is: What do YOU bring to the table in the way of talent, skills, ideas, strategies, personality, courage and strengths that would make other people CHOOSE and WANT to: Follow you. Produce for you. Sell for you. Create for you. Support you. Count on you. Trust you. And most of all…RESPECT you. Want to be an outstanding leader? Start with YOU!

Great leadership is about “leading” people, not “managing” people. The reality is: People don’t want to be managed—but rather empowered so they can shine on their own. Simply “managing” people will not create the bench strength that organizations need in order to stay profitable and competitive in our world today. “Managing” is about power—leadership is about empowering. Managing is about taking charge—leadership is about “charging people up”. Managing is about being right—leadership is about doing the right thing. Managing is about getting your way—leadership is about showing others the way. Managing is about telling people what to do—leadership is about hearing what needs to be done.

Truth is: Great leaders understand that business as usual is over. They cannot continue to do things the way they used to and still be successful, competitive and profitable. A team’s success will be determined by the speed with which it can adapt, adopt and leverage new ways of thinking, selling, empowering, changing, leading, competing, and producing. Here is what I am finding: Leaders either get it or they don’t. They are either in crisis mode or forward-thinking mode. They are either fearful—resistant to change, fighting for status quo, territorial and afraid to take risks. Or they are fearless—willing to embrace new strategies, have difficult conversations, and focus on long-term, rather than short term goals. How would someone describe your leadership style? Fearful or fearless? Resistant or ready to forge ahead full steam? Stuck in the past or eager to embrace the future? Your team depends on YOU to set them on the path to success.

Successful leaders set the tone for the entire organization—they model the best behaviors, share the most positive attitudes, create the most innovative ideas, initiate the most exciting changes, engage in the most thoughtful conversations and embrace the safest and healthiest work environment. In return, they get employees who WANT to rise up to their level of professionalism. Set the bar high and people will strive to meet those expectations. Set the bar low and they will meet those expectations as well. Remember, true LEADERSHIP is about creating a sense of ownership within each person so they will WANT to do their best—for YOU, for the organization, but most important, for themselves.

To learn more about great leadership strategies and mindsets, bookmark my site www.ConniePodesta.com and join in the conversations at Facebook.com/Connie.Speaks and Twitter.com/Connie_Podesta. Let’s lead the way for others! What do you say? Are you IN?

Connie Podesta is the author of “Life Would Be Easy if It Weren’t for Other People”—a book that is highly regarded as a must-read for understanding human behavior and how it affects our relationships.  She’s an award-winning motivational sales speaker, organizational therapist, TV/Radio personality, business coach and leading expert in the psychology of human behavior. Her newest book, “Ten Ways to Stand Out From the Crowd,” won the IPPY gold medal for “Best Business Book of the Year.” Audiences love Connie because she is down-to-earth, interactive, funny, and has a fearless energy that is contagious. She is passionate about helping people succeed and can tackle even the toughest of issues with a rare blend of real-life strategies, no-nonsense personality and laugh-out-loud humor. She has inspired millions to do what it takes to increase sales, attract and keep more customers, build longer-lasting, healthier relationships, strengthen leadership skills and become more profitable, happier and successful than they ever thought possible.

Please follow her online today at www.Facebook.com/Connie.Speaks.

This article was reprinted with permission. Copyright2012© Connie Podesta Presents, LLC. All Rights Reserved. (www.conniepodesta.com)


Now that Connie’s got you feeling all influential and empowered, it’s time to part ways, dear readers. After all, you’ve got esquires to wrangle…we mean save! Be sure to stop back by the paralegal playground on Friday, when we’ll be sharing another fun piece written by the Founder regarding real life at “Small Firm, USA: Population – Most of Us.”  Whether you find yourself working at a small firm or somewhere far larger, we believe you’ll find the piece highly relatable…or at the very least, wildly entertaining!

We’ll see you soon! Happy wrangling…