By: The Sanity Department (at least what’s left of it) 

The Paralegal Society

The Paralegal Hunger Games, that’s what this is. Only there aren’t wounded paralegals limping across grass fields, hiding in trees, and attempting to shoot one another with bow-and-arrows, all the while avoiding their own, personal plights (although this grandiose vision may seem slightly plausable after one has spent a little too much time with the resident Dark Cloud a/k/a Keeper of the Misery, I must admit). Today, we’re talking about the real “Paralegal Hunger Games.” The ones that take place in homes all across the country world every day of the week!

Calling all easy and tasty recipes!!! Yep, you laugh…you wonder why you should care, but allow me to explain. It’s 6:00 p.m. (at best), you just arrived home, entered your humble abode with all 5 of the coveted, personal items and papers you managed to somehow lug in from the car to your door to drop them ever so carefully, with a loud and intentional thud, down onto the nearest coffee table, counter or floor. You made it! You slide off those incredibly, uncomfortable shoes, throw on some comfy sweat pants or PJ’s, swap a general pleasantry greeting of “how was your day” with the nearest, relative passerby, hit the latrine, wash your hands, and enter enemy territory a/k/a the kitchen. It’s time to prepare a feast for your family and/or self that is: (1) easy; (2) delicious; (3) on a good night, not something so incredibly fattening that it could single-handidly nourish a small, thriving village with a population of 300 for a week; and, most importantly (4) easily discernable for the partially sane after a full day of crazy in the paper factory. Now is the time you wish you had that recipe.

You with me now?!

We need recipes! So do you! Please send your easiest, most tasty, paralegal-tested recipes our way for the good of all paralegalkind. Your generosity will be repaid exponentially.

Send your recipes to:, with the subject line: “Paralegal Hunger Games” using the following format within the body of your e-mai:


Your Name

Name of Dish

Any comments you want to share regarding the dish, where you got it, why you like it, what someone making this dish might want to know, etc.

List of Ingredients

The Recipe


Thanks in advance,
The Paralegal Sanity Team

**Saving the Paralegal World One Dinner at a Time**


Almost forgot – here’s a recipe for you now, compliments of our trusted, TPS Paralegal Ambassador, Kelly H.:

“Dinner in a Flash”
Take out shredded wheat box, pour in bowl. 
Take out gallon of milk, pour in cereal. 
Take out bottle of wine, pour in glass. 
Paralegal dinner is served!

Very funny, Kelly…and we certainly hope not! See why we need your recipes, TPS readers?! Save us all. Save the women, husbands, and children. Save the cereal bound. And for the love of all that is legal, save our time and sanity, too…at least a small portion of it, anyway. 

Send those recipes! The Paralegal Hunger Games are on. So drop the imaginary bow-and-arrow and send the recipe(s)! We need you…