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Karen R. George, FRP

By: Karen R. George, FRP

Today, I received an interesting e-mail at the office. It read:

“Please be advised that no paralegal can work on the following clients unless you have previously submitted a resume AND either a paralegal certificate OR degree, from a university in paralegal studies, to me to upload to client website. If you are new to the firm and never supplied these documents to me – do not work on these clients or your time will not be billed.”

Then it listed the companies that required the above. WAKE UP CALL!

I have blogged with various paralegals through the years and even very recently, who have said they don’t need to become FRPs, get a CP, RP or CRP designation (hereinafter “aforementioned”); and you can forget going back to school to get a degree in paralegal studies! “It’s just not necessary,” they say.

I don’t know what area of law they are working in. In fact, it may be that in some areas of law, the aforementioned are not “necessary” in order for the attorney to get paid for paralegal time on an invoice. However, what if the attorney needs to file a Motion for Attorney’s Fees, listing paralegal time and the Judge then questions the billing paralegal’s experience and education? What about in the State of Florida if the paralegal who billed that time is not AT LEAST an FRP (Florida Registered Paralegal)?

I know as well as the next “mature” paralegal who grew up through the ranks and went to the “University of Learn It or Get Fired,” that it isn’t easy to gain the aforementioned. I am still struggling through NALA’s CP! But, heck, nothing has been easy in my legal career – from day 1 to present. There is always some goal just over the hill that I must climb to reach in order to keep up. Personally, I am not ready to sit down and let the grass grow over me. Are you?

Don’t become complacent if you want to keep working as a paralegal. Realize that the days of standing on just your experience may not be gone, but they are certainly on their way out! Don’t miss the bus!

What are your thoughts after reading this insightful piece, TPS readers? We’d absolutely love to chat with you on this fun Friday, so go hit that comment button and sound off! Besides…who couldn’t use a little interesting, legal talk on the first day of the Freedom Festival a/k/a your big weekend?!

We’ll see you on Monday! Until then, paralegal down and prosper…and have an absolutely fabulous weekend of rest, relaxation, and a little fun!

See you soon.