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Bill Kinnard

By: Bill Kinnard (Guest Blogger)

Your high heels and power ties are looking truly fabulous today, on this blessed, paralegal holiday otherwise known as “Friday!” We recently came across this post written by the Founder’s cousin, Bill, and felt compelled to share it with our super, cool, paralegal readers (a/k/a you). And what better day than Friday to discuss the topic of excitement and motivation? Since the weekend is smack dab, front-and-center on the paralegal horizon, we knew you’d feel the same way! So read this post…and see if the time has come for you to find a little excitement and motivation from “the new.”  

The magic, paralegal, Eight Ball says:

“All signs point to yes.”

Reprinted with permission from Grandy & Associates: www.grandyassociates.com

This morning, I boarded another flight for my week’s work. I do this often as I am on the road over half the year. For me this is my commute to work and I have just become accustomed to the routine. Get to the airport after checking in online, security, boarding, shut down electronics, safety announcements, taxiing, takeoff and the list goes on. Today I am flying from Green Bay to Orlando, so I departed from my usual airline because one of the competitors has a direct flight that caters to the family vacationers headed to the warm south and Disney. This also means that the typical passenger is not the business passenger that I typically share my commute with, but instead is a plane load of young families and kids filled with the excitement of seeing Micky.

This morning, in the row in front of me was a pair of young parents with their five-year old son. This was obviously the boy’s first flight as his parents were talking to him and building the excitement level. As we a pulled away from the gate and started taxiing, they were telling him what was happening. “Feel the plane moving? Here we go!” The delight in this kid was clear. Mom was talking to him as if he were on a rocket getting ready to take off and he was loving it. As we came up to the runway, she was telling him “Look, there’s the runway for blast-off! Are you ready?” His reply was simply “Whoa! That’s really long.” As we turned the corner and lined up, she was asking, “Are we straightened out and lined up with the runway yet?” His excitement was growing by the second.

The captain powered up the engines and the plane started to move. Again, mom was telling him, “Here we go. Watch outside. We’ll go faster and faster”. The boy started giggling as the plane picked up speed. “Are we going faster” and “Watch, pretty soon the front of the plane will lift off the ground and we’ll blast off” mom said. The giggling and exclamations of “WHOA!” only got louder. As we continued to pick up speed and climb, his delight was infectious and every adult within three rows was grinning at his enthusiasm. It was fun to see someone so excited over experiencing something new.

Rekindle your start-up excitement
Remember when you felt that kind of excitement in your business? When you started, you were just blasting off. Each day was fun and brought new challenges, but that was okay because you were going to conquer the world. Have you lost that feeling? Today, are those challenges “just something else to beat you down”? If so, stop what you are doing. Think back to that time when you did have the excitement. What was different?

Chances are, you will answer something to the affect that “you didn’t know any better” or that “you didn’t know what you didn’t know”, or “ignorance is bliss – I was young and stupid”. That may have been true and there is nothing wrong with not knowing but you can’t stay there. Remember most contractors today are owned by people who are great craftsmen who had a dream but were never taught how to run a business. As I said, there is nothing wrong with not knowing. There is something wrong with not doing something about it.

Reach down within yourself and find that excitement of embarking on a new challenge. Today is a new day and now you know some of what you don’t know. Today is the day that will be the new beginning for your company. If you have a solid handle on these things, find the areas that you are still week in and improve those. If you know of someone who needs to read this message, pass this on to them. It could change their life.

What do you do to rekindle the excitement like the young boy on this morning’s flight? Tell us about it.

Bill Kinnard has 27 years experience in HVAC Sales, Service Management, Sales Management and Customer Service. He has worked with companies both large and small and has a unique ability to connect with people. An individual with a real passion for teaching contractors to better understand their businesses and help their employees become superior performers.

Bill has been recognized for “Best Practices” by Carrier Corporation for technical and customer service training. He has conducted over 10,000 student hours of technical training and over 2500 student hours of customer service training. As a result of his unique style and professionalism, Bill was awarded the Richard Theoret Training Excellence Award in 1993. He was the youngest trainer to ever receive this distinguished recognition.

Until next time…onward and upward, TPS paralegals! Wishing you and yours a Happy High Heel Friday and wonderful weekend! We’ll see you next week.