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Jamie Collins

By: Jamie Collins

Several weeks ago, I saw a new link driving traffic to The Paralegal Society blog.  Curiosity got the better of me (as if often does), so I clicked the outbound link to see where this “new traffic” was coming from. I landed on a webpage and saw none other than the faces of Lynne DeVenny and Vicki Voisin, along with information regarding a “podcast” on Legal Talk Network entitled “Career Tips: How to Advance in the Paralegal Profession.”

In a list immediately below that podcast link, I saw The Paralegal Society listed as one of the “internet resources and links” mentioned during the podcast. First off, let me explain that I had absolutely no idea what a “podcast” even was.  No clue. “Clueless paralegal – party of one,” that was me. I must admit that my initial reason for deciding to push the “play” arrow on the screen of my PC was for my own selfish purposes, so I could listen to see who had mentioned The Paralegal Society, in what context, and what they had said about it. It was a simple mission. So, I pressed the play button on my very first paralegal podcast and began to listen intently.  Yes, it really was that simple.  I pushed play…and the podcast began to play through the speakers of my home computer.

About 5 minutes into that podcast, my selfish, personal motives instantaneously shifted and I found myself hanging on every word. It was such a great positive group dynamic and a wealth of information. They would each take turns speaking and sharing tidbits of knowledge. Charlsye Smith Diaz, Ph.D., was one of their featured guests. She spoke about how resume writing had totally changed from what we all know of it in former days, to something new and vastly different.

Word by word, my interest peaked.  In fact, I reached for a nearby pen (dang it, that one was out of ink, so I hastily reached for another) and feverishly searched for a sheet of paper, so I could take copious notes regarding this new resume world which was unfolding before my very ears on my PC.  Charlsye offered tips regarding resumes that I have never heard anywhere else.  Fabulous tips that I will one day use! (Don’t worry Yosha Law attorneys – not any time soon).

I was truly impressed by the content and overall presentation. Lynne, Vicki and their guests managed to take me from the mindset of “A Paralegal Podcast…A Paralegal What?” to “Wow — Paralegal Podcasts totally rock!!” So, this selfish paralegal, otherwise known as Jamie Collins, was transformed into a podcast believer.

So, the message here is that you really should give podcasts a chance if you’ve never listened to one. It’s a whole new paralegal venue (okay, maybe not totally “new,” but it certainly was new to me); 40 minutes of solid paralegal education, information, and insightful legal talk from two of paralegal world’s finest. So, thank you Lynne DeVenny and Vicki Voisin, for moving me into the new millennium.

As it turns out, Lynne had mentioned The Paralegal Society at the end of the podcast during her “social media” segment. Howeber, by that point, I was so pleased with myself for having learned what a paralegal podcast “was” and listening to my first one with a pen in hand, that the TPS mention, while fabulous (and thank you), was merely an exclamation point on my newly found podcast education.

Do you want to learn the fantastic resume tips I heard?  Visit The Paralegal Voice at: http://legaltalknetwork.com/podcasts/paralegal-voice/2011/11/career-tips-how-to-advance-in-the-paralegal-profession/ and click “play!”

p.s. Thank you for the very generous mention on your podcast…and thank you even more for reeling me into the land of paralegal podcasts.

Do you listen to paralegal podcasts, TPS members? Am I the last paralegal on the planet to catch on to this concept? If so, I may just throw myself out my fifth story office window! (That was a joke). Please feel free to share your thoughts via a comment. I’d really love to hear from you on this one!