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While we normally reserve our main blog posts for articles, I came across a profound quote in an inspirational book I was trolling the other day.  As I read this quote, it jumped off of the page and truly spoke to me.  The concept behind it was so profound that I could not seem to silence the perpetual chain of thoughts that flowed through my mind after reading it.  The quote read as follows:

A man died and met Saint Peter

at the gates of heaven.  Recognizing the saint’s

knowledge and wisdom, he wanted to ask him a question.

“Saint Peter,” he said, “I have been interested in military

history for many years.  Tell me, who was

the greatest general of all times?”

Peter quickly responded, “O, that is a simple question.

It’s that man right over there.”

The man looked where Peter was pointing and answered,

“You must be mistaken.  I knew that man on earth,

and he was just a common laborer.”

“That’s right,” Peter remarked,

“but he would have been the greatest general

of all time – if he had been a general.”

~  Mark Twain

I think that in life, we often directly correlate where we currently find ourselves in our careers, our circumstances and our lives with who we are. I would ask you this one simple and thought provoking question: Who are you…really???

Until I had my son, I wasn’t a mother; before I became a paralegal, I was not a paralegal; before I landed my first professional writing gig, I was not a professional writer; before I founded The Paralegal Society; I was not the founder of this amazing group of paralegals.  Think about it.  The person you are today, at this very moment, is not necessarily who you really and truly are as a person. So, I ask you this seemingly simple, yet thought-provoking question: “Who are you really?”

If this were your last day on earth, would you be happy with how your obituary would read in tomorrow’s newspaper? What do you have left to reveal to the world about yourself, your God-given talents, your abilities, your contributions, your accomplishments and “who” you are as a paralegal and a person? What do you have left to show yourself, your family, your profession, your friends and the world? Who are you really?

“It is your duty to find yourself.”
~ John C. Maxwell