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BY: ANN PETTIGREW (Guest Blogger)

I’ve been blessed with the ability to recognize and appreciate goodness in people. And when I recognize those traits, I’m not the kind of person to just sit back and ignore them. I gravitate toward people who prize intelligence over ignorance, peace over prosperity, and compassion over the ability to engage in curmudgeonly discourse. Our profession is full of opposition, but that doesn’t mean that we need to be polarized.

Paralegals are the kind of people that let others (attorneys) assume credit for the work that we do. Paralegals are givers. Pure and simple. We let others bask in the sunlight of our desire for equality and justice.  And here you come.  The Paralegal Society sets a proposition that thru it all we can come together and relax, laugh, share, and let our hair down.

You should seek encouragement! Expect it! Demand it!! It’s here for the taking. Keep your head up!! Remember, there are more that are for you than those that are against you. Don’t you dare ever forget that!!! If you’ve had a bad day. Let it go!! Better days are headed your way.